Read more about our avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.


CSR is short for Corporate Social Responsibility, which is about companies and their responsibilities towards society. It includes environmental, ethical and social responsibility. At AB Tage Lindholm we want to take responsibility for our environmental impact and our consumption of resources and we encourage our suppliers to do the same. We want to stand for good working conditions, regarding both ourselves and our suppliers, and we want to make sure that human rights are observed. We want to demonstrate a corporate responsibility and strive to constantly keep developing and improving, both when it comes to ourselves and our suppliers.


As part of our CSR-work we have developed a code of conduct, both for ourselves and our suppliers. We use self-evaluation as a way of finding development areas and inadequacies. We make supplier visits and supplier audits to ensure that we observe our code of conduct.Our CSR-work is an integrated part of our business and we always evaluate our suppliers based on our code of conduct before we enter new cooperations, just like we make demands concerning food safety and quality.

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